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Key to Getting Stronger Physically & Spiritually – Just Figure It Out!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

I teach high school seniors once a month at my church in a little program we call Senior Experience. This past week I had a new life experience to draw from that I thought could greatly impact their lives right now as soon-to-be college freshman.

I am one month into being a dad and you may remember my nervousness in a previous post (See Ramblings from an Anxious Dad-To-Be) I was starting a whole new chapter of my life and I thought I was ready, but not really sure. Doesn’t that sound like what you went through right before college. Did you have what it took to make the grades? Did I have what it took to be a good Dad? These parallels led to a great discussion with the group, especially when I shared with them that one month into being a dad, I had it figured out (I’ll pause now so you can chuckle at that notion).

The key to parenting, college, and about 90% of life is simple: just figure it out as you go. Babies don’t come with manuals or detailed hour-by-hour plans of how their first 18 years will go. When I realized that, I felt like the pressure of the parenting world had been lifted off my shoulders. College can be the same way. Jump in with both feet and figure out how to make everything fit into your schedule. Figure it out if your test grade is low and you have to go the library more often. Figure it out if your roommates are partiers and you need a change of scenery. I could go on about this lesson but let me bring it back to Christian Strength Training…

My best workouts have been when I jumped in with both feet and just tried something. I will often pick 3 random implements and either set a timer or come up with a circuit on the spot. I’m not saying keeping a training log of how the chaos unfolds and trying to duplicate is not good, but don’t always follow a strict regimen to the point that you can’t spice it up and “figure out” how your body responds.

Spiritually, if you are not seeing “results”, figure out a new plan. There are so many ways to spice up your prayer, bible study, or worship experience (many are detailed here in our Power Devos). Don’t be afraid to change and see where God is in other avenues of your life.

I could write for about 3 days on this topic, but that’s it for now. Let me know what you think.